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i dont know which i like more: shinee in all white or shinee in all black.

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I love Kai’s passion even if he does look possessed half the time

that’s what truly makes him so outstanding as a performer and an idol though; he transforms into his role and completely surrenders to the performance, always 150%. I think that’s why the name Kai is so befitting of a stage name—he unlocks and opens this incredible presence on stage that makes the audience believe every step and movement that he gives, along with giving his entire being, something that most idols or performers can’t even accomplish well into their careers. I can’t give it up enough for him, he’s something magnificent.
chère mamie 



i wonder how many tries they went through for jongin’s heart before they just gave up and used this cut


he tries so hard


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"why do you listen to kpop when you cant even understand it?"


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